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Welcome to our Celebrity Email Site!

*UPDATES* 01/20/01
- Christina Aguilera's mailbox is currently unavailable, which I think it means its full..I'm not sure.
- New Links on "links" page.
- New emails, just scroll down a little ways!

This site is for you guys to access the email address of your favorite celebrity! So enjoy!
Please remember that although being a celeb, these people are just like you and me. Please respect their privacy on personal issues or anything they wish to no speak about.


Matthew Lillard -

Heath Ledger -

Jean-Claude Van Damme -

Jordan Knight -

Sarah Michelle Gellar -

You might know us from the Yahoo! Club: Celebemails. If you have no idea what I'm talking about..check it out and join! The link's on the last page of this site. Here's a little about us:
My name is Taurenia. You can IM me on Yahoo with that same name. I am 17 and from MAINE. And thats about all you need to know! Email me for web maintance, questions/requests, or just to say hi!

My name is Angel. I am 16 from Michigan. IM me on Yahoo (Angel_1671) AIM (AngelTheFlirt) or Hotmail (AngelTheFlirt) I love making new friends & helping people out! Email for requests.

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Christina Aguilera

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